Full Stack Developer

Software & Data

Nigeria - Lagos | Full Time | NGN Less Than 75,000

Job Description/Requirements


• Design And Implementation Of The Overall Web Architecture 

• Design And Deployment Of Our Database 

• Design And Implementation Of Continuous Integration And Deployment 

• Managing And Maintaining Existing Website Infrastructure 

• Respond To And Troubleshoot All Website Issues. 

• Identify And Respond To All Website Security Breaches. 

• Update HTML, CSS And JavaScript Regularly. 

• Conduct Content Audits To Eliminate Redundant And/or Duplicate Information. • Create Appropriate Website Content Aligned To The Organization’s Strategy. 

• Ensure Website Quality And Efficiency By Conducting Regular Test Plans. 

• Improve The User Experience Of The Website Regularly. 

• Collaborate With All Staff And Management To Ensure That The Website Aligns With Brand Strategy And Meets The Organization’s Standards. 

• Create Strategies To Grow Subscriber Base And Web Traffic Metrics. 

• Ensure Full Compliance On The Website With All Laws And Regulations. 

• Keep Up-to-date With Industry Best Practice And Monitor Competitor Websites. 


• At Least Two Years Experience With: Writing HTML, CSS, And JavaScript. Being Up On The Latest  Practices Is A Must, E.g., HTML5, CSS3, And ECMAScript 6 (minimum) 

• A Relevant Back-end Programming Language {{ E.g., PHP, Python, Ruby Or JavaScript }}

• Database Design And Management, Including Being Up On The Latest Practices And Associated  Versions 

• Thorough Understanding Of WordPress Development  

• Able To Debug And Run Diagnostics On Our Website 

• Server Management And Deployment For The Relevant Environment 

• Familiarity With A Relevant And Globally Supported Framework—both Front-end And Back-end, If  Necessary—{ E.g., React, Vue, Laravel Or Flask }

• Ideally, Familiarity With CSS Preprocessors, Bundlers, And Associated  Languages/syntaxes/libraries { E.g., Sass, Less, And Webpack }

• Thorough Understanding Of User Experience And Possibly Even Product Strategy

• Experience Implementing Testing Platforms And Unit Tests 

• Proficiency With Git { Or Another Version Control System As Required }

• Appreciation For Clean And Well-documented Code