Building & Architecture

Nigeria - Lagos | Full Time | NGN Confidential

Job Description/Requirements

Essential Functions:

  • Participate and collaborate with the crew during daily huddle to ensure safety, quality and productivity goals are set.
  • Ensures proper installation of wall ties, flashings and laps of paper to job specific standards.
  • Measure distance from reference points and mark guidelines to lay out work, using plumb bobs and levels.
  • Shapes brick, block, or stone in preparation for final setting with use of chisels and/or power saws.
  • Spreads mortar along mortar guides to ensure joints of uniform thickness.
  • Spreads mortar over brick, block, or stone and foundation with trowel and sets masonry in place by hand or with aid of a forklift or a crane.
  • Aligns brick, block, or stone with plumbline and finishes joints with pointing trowel.
  • Fasten or fuse brick or other building material to structure with wire clamps, anchor holes, torch, or cement.
  • Remove excess mortar with trowels and hand tools, and finish mortar joints with jointing tools, for a sealed, uniform appearance.
  • Construct corners by fastening in plumb position a corner pole or building a corner pyramid of bricks, and filling in between the corners using a line from corner to corner to guide each course, or layer, of brick.
  • Lay and align bricks, blocks, or tiles to build or repair structures or high-temperature equipment, such as cupola, kilns, ovens, or furnaces.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Foreman or Superintendent.

Qualification: 3 - 5 year of equivalent work experience


  • Attention to detail with demonstrated accuracy and thoroughness
  • Conserves materials and meets productivity set forth by supervisors
  • Observes all safety procedures, reports potentially unsafe conditions and uses and maintains equipment and materials properly.

Location: Bonny Island (Not Limited to)

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