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Security Focal Point Officer

Community & Social Services

Nigeria - Lagos | Full Time | NGN Confidential

Job Description/Requirements

Overall Responsibilities  

The Security Focal Point is responsible for: 

▪ Implementing and maintaining the operational GIZ Risk  Management Policies and Processes. S/he is working in the  GIZ Abeokuta office that houses several projects and is reporting to the GIZ Risk Management Office (RMO) in  Abuja. S/he is expected to support project implementation  under the GIZ security framework. 

▪ Maintaining a functional information network: liaise with  relevant national and international development  organizations and security stake holders. 

▪ Reporting and documentation: situation reports, HRE Plan  (Hibernation, Relocation and Evacuation), incident  reporting, site assessments, etc.  

▪ Travel Management and clearance 

▪ Providing crisis management support to the Risk  Management Office (RMO), the field coordinator, the head  of programme and the country director. 

The Security Focal Point will report to and work under the  administrative supervision of the Risk Management Office (RMO)  and the Heads of Programme. At the field office, the SecurityFocal  Point Officer will report to and coordinate with the project team  consisting of a field coordinator and other programme components  and administrative personnel. 


- Operations: 

▪ Acts as a liaison and focal point for Ogun and Oyo States and the GIZ activities there between the Risk Management  Office (RMO), the Field Coordinator, the Head of  Programme and the Country Director and the international  and national staff present at the duty station. The SFP is to  cover also project activities in Osun and Ondo. 

▪ Updates the HRE (hibernation, relocation and evacuation)  plan at the given location on a quarterly basis. 

▪ Maintains contact details of local police and medical  facilities. 

▪ Closely cooperates with the SFP in Lagos. 

▪ Provides information on overland movements and is always  updated about the movement / transportation of team  members and visitors.  

▪ Clearly communicates absences to the team and always  nominates an acting deputy, also towards the RMO (“in my  absence from … to …, I will be deputized by ...”).  

▪ Provides information and (if possible) training on alternative communication devices such as radio/Satphone and  ensures the equipment is operational. 

▪ In close coordination with the AV/RMO initiates  incident/emergency responses, if required. 

▪ Is reachable via phone or other means of communication  media. 

▪ Conducts and reports security related training needs of staff,  guards etc. 

▪ Instructs, if necessary, guards on improved site security.

▪ Support the admin assistant with admin tasks and, if  required, stand for the admin assistant in his/her absence. 

-Professional advisory services  

▪ Monitors and analyses the security situation and prepares  weekly situation / incidents reports and shares it with  AV/RMO. 

▪ Informs the dispatcher in Abuja on all planned overland  travel movement. 

▪ Implementation and maintaining of a GIZ in-country travel  management system (Overland Travel Requests, Tracking  of vehicles etc.). 

▪ Travel clearance and approval 

▪ Conducts detailed security incident mapping and reporting.

▪ In coordination with the RMO issues security alerts.  Prepares and conducts head counts, if instructed by the  RMO, or the project management. 

▪ Conducts and implements site assessments with support of  RMO Abuja. 

▪ Prepares and implements security risk assessments and  risk mitigation measures in conjunction with the RMO.

▪ Advises and communicates on technical protection  measures (site protection). 

▪ Briefs incoming staff/consultants on security measures (e.g.  attending security briefings, curfew time etc.). 

▪ Ensures that adequate means of communication are in  place, equipment is maintained and personnel trained.
▪ Ensures together with the project leaders that project  vehicles are maintained.  

▪ Maintains and updates the contact list / absence list of all  staff.  

-Networking and cooperation 

▪ Collects information on the security situation in the project  area and establishes an informal network with other  international organizations, (I)NGOs, partner organizations,  etc. 

▪ Liaises and collaborates with different official and informal  national authorities as well as national and international risk  management entities. 

▪ Liaison and networking with other hum/dev, governmental, and security actors. ▪ Maintains, and expands a security-relevant network to  provide comprehensive information on the security situation. committees in Kaduna/Kano. 

Additional duties 

▪ Conducts administrative tasks 

Other duties/additional tasks 

▪ Carries out any other assignment as determined by the Risk  Management Office (RMO), the Field Coordinator and / or  the Head of Programme.  

▪ In case of emergency/ crisis, the position holder is expected  to operate outside normal working hours. 

▪ Frequent travels to all project areas is expected.

▪ Attends security meetings and security coordination

 Required qualifications, competences and experience Qualifications 

• University Degree in areas such as Political or Social  Sciences, Conflict or crisis analysis or other relevant field 

Professional experience 

▪ At least 3 years professional working experience in a  comparable position in international Non-Governmental  Organisation, (I)NGO, multinational or national organisation  and or experience in any of the armed services or  paramilitary organisation (Working or having worked as a  security guard only does not qualify for the position!

▪ Excellent knowledge of the security structure in Kaduna and  Kano is essential 

▪ Experience of collecting data at community level 

▪ Administration skills are an asset 

▪ Very good report writing skills 

▪ Be able to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities


• Analytical skills 

• Logistics and/or military background are assets 

• Excellent command of oral and written English  

• Excellent communication skills  

• Good working knowledge of ICT technologies and computer  applications (e.g. MS Office, MS Excel) 

• Good working knowledge of modern and alternative  communication systems (telephone, fax, e-mail, internet,  Iridium-Sat phones, VHF-Radio, Skype) 

Other knowledge, additional competences  

• Technical competence using GPS devices 

• Good Knowledge of Ogun and Oyo States 

• Customer minded, cooperative and understanding for the  requirements of project implementation

GIZ Nigeria is an equal opportunity employer; both men and women  are encouraged to apply.  Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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