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No more resume mistakes

No more resume mistakes

If you are frustrated with the continuous rejection of job interviews, it is high time to look at your resume. Your resume can be the hidden culprit of your rejection. A job seeker must know how to write a perfect resume for his or her preferred job field. Many people do not know the common etiquette of resumes, thus they face huge trouble in their careers. This article can be a great help for job seekers to avoid those mistakes. 
There are many segments in a resume; each segment has its own purpose. One of the important segments of a resume is a resume summary. It is more like an ace in a card game. It tells about who you are, what you have accomplished so far, and what makes you a suitable candidate for the job. 
This article will guide you to:  
  • What is a resume summary
  • Why do you need to include a resume summary?
  • How to write a resume summary?
  • What to do when you do not have any prior experience in the specific field that you have applied for?

What is a resume summary?

A resume summary is a brief statement about you. It gives a glimpse of you to the hiring managers. It states your skills and accomplishments and also your experience. It has to be written at the top of your resume beneath your name and contact number. 
It is 3-5 sentences long or 3-5 bullet points can be added. You can consider it as the first impression of your resume. Here you will basically sum up your top skills, job experience, and achievements. 

Why do you need to include a resume summary?

As we have already mentioned that we need a resume summary to showcase our skills, experience, and accomplishments, one question can arise in your mind: why do we need to include such stuff in the segment of the resume summary?
When you apply for a job, a recruiter has to review plenty of resumes at the same time. So, how can you leave a mark on your recruiter’s mind?
When you write an eye-captivating summary statement of yours it tends to attract the recruiters. Moreover, this summary statement will allow the recruiters to know a brief about you in just a few seconds. In that way, the recruiters will decide whether they want to see you in the further procedure or not. 

How to write a resume summary?

A good resume summary statement should attract the hiring manager to read your resume further. If you can manage to do that, it means the purpose of your resume summary has become successful. 
We have already stated before that a resume summary cannot be more than 3-5 lines or bullet points. 
Here are some important tricks that help you to make an amazing resume summary statement.

  • Read the job description over and over, and try to highlight some important points to align with your skills, experience, and achievements.
  • We will suggest that you write the resume summary at the end. All you need to do is, complete your whole resume, give it a read and then write the summary part. It will help you to pick the most important and relevant skill, the experience of yours to write the summary.
  • The first bullet point of your resume summary demonstrates your professional title. You must add how many years of experience you have in the field, write it in numbers. For instance, a certified data scientist with over 7 years of experience. 
  • Pick some splendid parts of your resume and write them at the very beginning. It will help to attract the recruiters even more. For example, if you received an award for your best performance or simply you got the best employee award for your performance mention that. Even if you’ve increased the sales, write it there. 
  • Remember one thing, numbers attract people even more. So when you write the resume summary add quantifiable data. Add number, and percentage, it gives your hiring manager some concrete information about yourself. 
  • Do not focus on what you want, instead of that keep in mind what they want. Try to connect with your skills and write what value you can add to the company. 
  • Employ action verbs when you are writing your resume. A smart resume carefully picks resume action words which helps assert confidence to your bullet point.

What to do when you do not have any prior experience in the specific field that you have applied for?

If you are a fresh graduate then you mostly do not have much to say about yourself in the resume summary, but you must have some skills. You need to know how to articulate them properly. If it is an entry-level post then, most of the candidates will be fresh graduates without any prior experience. In that case, you need to know how to stand out from the other job seekers, as you do not hold any significant experience to brag about.

Here are some tips to apply when you do not have any experience in a specific field.

  • Mention your degree, field of education, and also your result.
  • State your interpersonal skills or skills that you’ve earned through the internship, volunteer, or part-time jobs.
  • Besides the school also how well you managed any event. If you worked in a club at your university, mention how well you managed it. For example, write how you successfully managed 20 volunteers being a volunteer manager at your club. 

There is a quote by Jacob Cass, Logo of the Day, “It’s not about how many years of experience you have. It’s about the quality of your years of experience.” Do not worry much about your experience, focus on the skills and how you utilize them. 

Do not take your resume for granted; it is the first step toward your dream project. Follow the tricks to make an outstanding resume that will prove you the best in your desired field. 

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