Teacher Resume Summary With Examples

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Teacher Resume Summary With Examples

Teacher Resume Summary With Examples

To get hired as a teacher, you can make sure to write an inclusive summary to your resume. It is best to include any qualifications you have and which type of teaching position you want to apply for. In this article, you’ll learn how to write a great teacher resume summary and view examples of properly formatted teacher resume samples.

What is a teacher resume summary?

A teacher resume summary is a short paragraph that showcases educational achievements, classroom skills and past teaching experience. It may also be known as a teacher professional summary for resume or a teacher personal profile sample. 

Teacher resume summary examples

Here are some examples of statements from teacher resume summaries with helpful explanations:

Showcase emotional intelligence 

In the example below, a middle school teacher displays emotional intelligence by using the words, ‘social skills’ and ’empathy.’ Employers want to hire compassionate and intuitive teachers.

Example: ‘Conscientious and flexible middle school English teacher well-versed in using social skills and empathy to manage student behavior; utilizes feedback from students to create compelling lesson plans that take into account the strengths and weaknesses of students.’

Display your leadership skills

You should show skills that other applicants might not have, including leadership skills. In the example below, the teacher states that they ‘trained a newly-hired teacher’s aide.’ This gives the teacher more credibility, Training requires patience, knowledge, authority and determination.

Example: ‘Elementary school teacher with experience instructing grades one, two and three, and class sizes of up to 23 students; created unique activities that enhanced student literacy and mathematical ability; trained a newly-hired teacher’s aide.’

Use statistics to impress

In the following example, a high school chemistry teacher used a statistic to impress employers. This type of statistic shows that the teacher helps students to learn and excel. Statistics are facts that employers are able to understand immediately. 

Example: ‘High school chemistry teacher with more than three years of experience teaching high school students. Introduced standardized testing and state curriculum; helped 42 out of 50 students to get scores of 3 or higher on the AP Chemistry Exam.’

Add teaching hours to show experience

In the example below, an art teacher writes that they have ‘400 hours of teaching experience.’ Adding this detail makes it easy for employers to see how much hands-on time was done in the classroom. Experience is something that a lot of employers are looking for.

Example: ‘Boston College art teacher and education degree graduate with more than two years of art teaching experience in Boston public schools; received a ‘Teacher of the Year’ award in 2018; interested in leveraging 400 hours of teaching experience to take on a new art teacher role.’

Add a brief slogan

This example includes a brief slogan that explains the applicant’s teaching philosophy. It also shows a high level of enthusiasm for teaching.

Example: ‘Excited to provide an inspiring learning experience to students.’

Include language skills

This example highlights appealing language skills. If you’re a multi-lingual candidate, be sure to show off your language skills, as every applicant won’t have them.

Example: ‘Fluent in verbal and written English and Spanish.’

Reference experience with technology and classroom innovations

This example includes information about embracing innovative learning techniques. Teachers need to adapt to plenty of new teaching methods, rather than resisting change.

Example: ‘Able to use interactive whiteboards in the classroom.’

Show knowledge of a local school district

This example shows knowledge of an area and its school district. 

Example: ‘Longtime local resident with detailed knowledge of district educational requirements.’

Highlight a commitment to diversity

This example shows inclusiveness. Teachers who value diverse classrooms send a positive message.

Example: ‘Respectful of cultural diversity in the classroom and in the community.’

Showcase a well-rounded skill set

This example highlights a teacher’s comprehensive skill set. 

Example: ‘Actively participate in all aspects of education from parent-teacher organized activities to district curriculum policies.’

Display concern for students and parents

This example shows a desire to connect with students and their parents.

Example: ‘Builds strong and positive relationships with students and parents.’

Showcase troubleshooting skills

This example shows a teacher’s ability to find solutions to everyday problems in the classroom.

Example: ‘Solution-oriented classroom management style.’

Focus on measurable achievements

In the following subpar example, the teacher focuses on their career ambitions, rather than highlighting measurable achievements.

Example: ‘Seeking a job with the Los Angeles School District to utilize my teaching degree.’

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