Top 10 highest paid jobs in Nigeria 2022

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Top 10 highest paid jobs in Nigeria 2022

Top 10 highest paid jobs in Nigeria 2022

It is a known fact that getting employment in Nigeria is almost like finding a needle in a haystack, but so is day-to-day feeding for an average Nigerian. The only way to stay on top of this is to earn more, which is why majority of us are looking for the next best thing. In this article, we gave curated the top 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria, along with their salary range in no ascending or descending order.


1. Surgeon

Pay range - Up to N2.5 million a month

It is no news that the nature of their job is very critical, which makes their pay range high, as a result of the high risk factor involved.

Becoming a successful surgeon in Nigeria is no easy task. It requires entry into Medical school, where you would study for at least, 8 years. The good side of this is that once you become certified, you get really good opportunities.

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2. Petroleum Engineer

Pay range – N350,000 to N1 million per month

Irrespective of the notion that the petroleum industry in Nigeria is fast depleting, this job remains one of the top jobs with highest paying salaries, as it also contains a high risk factor.

To become a petroleum engineer, you would have to study a five year course in an accredited institution in Nigeria.

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3. Software Engineer

Pay range - N350,000 to N1,5million per month

A software engineer is a person who designs, develops, maintains, tests, and evaluates computer software using software engineering concepts.

Software engineering is a lucrative field. You must complete and acquire a certificate in computer engineering from a recognized institution to work as a software engineer.

Job openings for software engineers available 


4. Pilot

Pay range - N300,000 to N3 million monthly

Having to be in control of other people’s lives is not a job for the weak. As empowering as it seems, they are high risk factors associated with this job, which also makes it one of the top paying jobs. You must apply to any recognized aviation school of your choice in order to become a pilot. The course usually takes about four years to complete.

Flight academy program available in Nigeria

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5. Telecommunications Engineer

Pay range - N200,000 to N1 million a month

A telecoms Engineer is in charge of planning and supervising the construction of telecommunications equipment and facilities such as complicated electronic switching systems, as well as other standard telephone service facilities, optical fiber cables, IP networks, and microwave transmission systems. Technology-related jobs are fast becoming a big thing, not just in Nigeria,  but in the whole world. With the rate of increase in telecommunications subscribers, the need for the corresponding engineers are in high demand.

To become a Telecoms Engineer; A four-year engineering degree from an authorized engineering institution is required;

Then successfully complete the Fundamentals of Engineering test;

Pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam and have four years of advanced engineering experience under the supervision of a PE.

Telecoms Engineer Jobs available in Nigeria


6. Lawyer

Pay range - N150,000 to N1 million monthly

This profession may not be as rewarding as the other professions, but it still puts you in the upper middle class of the society, which is a good thing.

A Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from an authorized university is required to practice law. After five years of study, you will spend a year at a Nigerian law school before becoming a certified member of the Nigerian Bar.

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7. Digital Marketers

Pay range - N100,000 to N2 million per month

A digital marketer is someone who uses digital platforms to communicate with customers, raise brand awareness, and promote products and services. Digital marketers wear multiple hats as a result of the unique blend of planning, creativity, and strategy required by their job.

You do not need to study a course in a University to become certified. However, there are some basic skills and knowledge you should have, and studying some online course can help you get them.

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8. Architect

Pay range - N187,000 to N1 million a month

An architect is a person who plans and advises on the construction of buildings. To become an architect, You must have completed a four-year university architecture program or a three-year polytechnic program in architecture.

Architect jobs available in Nigeria


9.  Chartered Accountant

Pay range - N150,000 to N1.5 million monthly

To become a chartered accountant, you must first get a professional certificate from ACCS, CIMA, ICAN, or another professional organization, which can take up to four years.

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10.   Sailor

Pay range - N300,000 - N1.5 million monthly

A sailor is a person who works as a member of the crew of a commercial or naval ship or boat, particularly one who is not an officer.

If you want to learn to sail, you can do so at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria in Oron, or at any of the country's recognized private maritime academies.

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