What to Wear to a Physical Job Interview

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What to Wear to a Physical Job Interview

What to Wear to a Physical Job Interview

After scoring a job interview as a result of your impressive resume, the next thing to worry about is what to wear to your upcoming interview. It's not always easy to put together interview attire. Women are frequently advised to wear a classic skirt, dress, or pants with a jacket, while men are advised to wear a suit and tie. However, the interview attire for a corporate finance position differs from that for a retail or trade position.

According to Princeton University research, a person's first impression of you is formed in less than a tenth of a second depending on what they see. When it comes to interview attire, utilize your best judgment and don't overthink it. Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident — nothing that you'll have to push or pull at or that will wrinkle easily on the way to the interview.

Use your personal fashion sense.

If you don’t know how to find that, take the following steps to discover your particular fashion sense and choose something that complements your office dress style;

  • Take inventory of your current wardrobe, both professional and casual. Make a list of the primary things that make you joyful or confident. Perhaps you always look and feel your best in a certain suit, blouse, dress, or set of shoes. Perhaps wearing a certain style of collared shirt or dressing in a certain color makes you feel good. Consider the major features of these pieces of apparel.

  • Examine professional people whose styles you admire and want to imitate. Think about what works for them and how it might work for you. Perhaps you identify with the fabrics, colors, and fits of their garments.

  • Examine what you already have in your closet once you've decided on the perfect attire.

If you don't already have some of the items, go online and purchase them. If you have the time, go to a physical store to try them on.

Try on your outfit.

Before the interview, try on your clothes, shoes, and accessories to make sure they are appropriate. Compare them to the thoughts you have in your head and the research you've done. Perhaps they appear to be absolutely appropriate for the organization's dress code on the coat hanger. However, you must try them on to confirm that you feel the same way about them when wearing them. They may appear better or worse than you anticipated. In either case, it's more data to help you make an informed decision.

Look into the dress code.

Dress requirements might range from business professional to business casual to casual and anything in between. So, do some research on the company and seek photos of the employees. You can typically get a good idea of the dress code employees follow through social media outlets and employee profiles on company websites. You can also contact your recruiter or the human resources department of your prospective job. Confirm what constitutes too much or insufficient preparation for your interview. These are the most trustworthy sources. Receiving confirmation straight from them might be extremely beneficial if you have any queries or qualms. 

Plan your outfit well in advance.

We also advocate being ready for the job interview a few days ahead of time. To avoid any unpleasant shocks or changes of heart before the interview, try on your full wardrobe well ahead of time. There's a good probability your thoughts will be on what you want to discuss during the interview. Don't forget to think about your shoes and accessories, as well as how you'll do your hair and makeup. Aim for a perfectly polished and fitted look. If you haven't already, it's a good idea to invest in a blazer or jacket in case the interview atmosphere is chilly and you need another layer to stay warm.

How to Get Ready for a Virtual Job Interview

We recommend that you dress properly for video job interviews, just as you would for a real job interview. Attending an interview in a zip-up pullover jumper because you're doing it at home could be your final impression on a recruiting manager. If it appears unprofessional at work, it will almost certainly appear unprofessional at home. Furthermore, dressing professionally for video interviews at home will assist you in developing the proper mindset for professional interviews.

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