3 Best Free Resume Parsing Software

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3 Best Free Resume Parsing Software

3 Best Free Resume Parsing Software

We have different types of resume parsing software you can use for your applicants' search. Here we will describe sites leading in extracting essential data from job seekers' resumes. With such software, a parser can get the vital information they need to make their hire. The extracted components include name, degree possession, email, work experience, skills, etc.

If you want to automate your grouping, collecting, and storing resumes of applicants, there are many resume parsing software to select. When it comes to analyzing, scanning, or extracting information from hundreds of documents, you should ensure that the right software is used.

Top recruiters use innovative tools to help them pick suitable applicants for different jobs. The good thing about the software is that you decide what you want to achieve when hiring people. This is why you should take advantage of resume templates.

Why should you use a resume parser? 

People use resume parser software for numerous benefits. Here they are:

  • You can get the best applicants when you use the software.

  • Human errors are eliminated.

  • The software is designed to help you use it seamlessly.

  • Next, it offers you to gain better access to applicants’ resume data.

  • Finally, the software supports recruiters to optimize resume data.

Here is a list of some of the best resume parsing software:

  1. Affinda

With the number of websites offering the extraction of CV information, many people tend to struggle to pick the right product. Since people want the best and most ease-to-use software, Affinda.com can be considered.

Affinda was started in Australia in 2013 to help people extract information from their applicants’ resumes. The product works as a CV Extractor, which was designed as innovative software. Affinda implements machine-learning innovation when extracting data.

With the software, you can extract massive data from different data fields within a short time. First, you get your data categorized into file formats compatible with your needs. After the data collection, you find your data as XML, JSON, or Excel output. The software works with every type of business. Affinda resume parser has application input, resume importing, resume management, data extraction, application input, automate applicants screening, semantic matching, corroboration of social media, multiple languages, etc.

  1. DaXtra Parser

Do you want resume parser software that effectively collects data in several languages with better implementations? Then, DaXtra Parser is an excellent option to consider. With this software, you can search, match, and analyze CVs. This software is suitable for different layouts, templates, and resume styles. In addition, you can integrate social media in searching for your recruitment. Finally, with DaXtra Parser, you can reach out to different countries in Europe and Asia.

DaXtra parser is suitable when it comes to picking proper data extraction. The software can be used for all-encompassing multi-lingual CV parsing technology, data output, skills classification, analysis reporting, ordered data output, and seamless email integration.

  1. EGrabber Hiring Prospector

Initially, people called EGrabber Hiring Prospector the Resume Grabber. Today, eGrabber has become an exciting platform for top recruiters. You can search for applicants on social media, job boards, search engines, and other platforms. With these avenues, you can send emails to your desired applicants.

eGrabber comes as a modern and sophisticated software for searching for applicants’ emails. With the software, recruiters can search for the most vital information about their preferred candidates. If you are a third-party recruiter, you can efficiently work with the software to pick out suitable applicants for jobs. In addition, you can import and analyze applicants' profiles. This can help you save time and money during the recruitment process. 

With eGrabber, you handle numerous formats within a short period. For example, it has these formats:

  • HireAbility ALEX Resume And CV Parser

You have the support to work on numerous artificial intelligence strategies like pattern recognition and natural language processing. In addition, it provides you with relevant results.

Hence, you can integrate the products seamlessly with eGrabber. If you are a recruiter, you can automatically manage the entry of resumes and help spend less money. As a result, you improve your productivity, including data quality.

  • Burning Glass LENS Suite

With this suite, you can hire your applicants through skill-based sorting and filtering process. In addition, big data analysis is responsible for powering the software. Hence, you can easily narrow down your applicants' search.

  • Sovren Resume Parser

Sovren Resume Parser provides you with speed and accuracy in your extraction of resumes.

  • SeekOut

People love the Seekout offer that works with talent search and artificial intelligence-enabled recruitment analytics for searching out the top applicants. The software can help you engage, hire, and locate talent pools for information.

Final Thoughts

Do you want suitable resume parsing software? We have listed some relevant software in this article. You can extract vital information with accuracy and speed when using any of these products. You just need to feed in some power words and verbs that make a good resume and scan through the resumes. Your job will be done in no time.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist and content writer from Louisville. Lori creates news and informative articles about HR, recruiting, and employee productivity. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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