How to Write an Initial Message to a Hiring Manager (With Examples)

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How to Write an Initial Message to a Hiring Manager  (With Examples)

How to Write an Initial Message to a Hiring Manager (With Examples)

Want to leave a hiring manager with a positive impression? Provide them a brief, direct statement that highlights your work history, talents, and qualifications.

You may set yourself apart from other applicants and ensure that the person who needs to read your cover letter and resume receives it right away by sending the first email.Sending a hiring manager a first email can be challenging since you might not know what to say. This essay aims to assist you in determining the most effective approach to introduce oneself to a recruiting manager. In this piece, we'll talk about:

  • The reason to send an initial message to a hiring manager
  • Successful email and direct message templates
  • How to add an eye-catching subject line
  • 5 tips to send an initial message to a hiring manage

Sending an initial email message to a hiring manager can help you stand out from the competition. Considering that hiring managers often sift through dozens of resumes and cover letters in search of the ideal candidate, sending an initial message demonstrates your willingness to go above and beyond in the application process. Additionally, by putting yourself out there, you demonstrate the work ethic necessary to succeed in the role.

LinkedIn message to a hiring manager directly

Hello Andrew,

I wanted to quickly say hello and apply for the graphic design position at Qlink Communications. I hope it's okay if I reach out to you directly over LinkedIn.

I've worked in graphic design for five years, using programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for photo editing, but my current love is making websites and landing pages that are optimized for user experience (UX).

My portfolio, a cover letter, and my résumé are all attached. I'd love for you to browse some of my designs and visit the bespoke webpages by clicking on the links I've included. To schedule a time for the job interview, send me an email at or send me a message on LinkedIn.

Warm Regards

Andrew Levy

What complements this message well?

The fact that this email concentrates on the author's experience and his passions is one of its many excellent features. He is open to sharing his portfolio, which showcases his expertise in developing user experience designs for websites. He demonstrates in this email why he would be a great fit for the role, if this was something that was specifically included in the job description. You can share information about your LinkedIn profile in addition to attaching documents to messages on LinkedIn.

Emailing after applying 

If you've applied for a job and, after a few weeks, you haven't heard anything, you might want to send out a follow-up email to see if you're still in the running. However, you should wait for at least two weeks before sending a message regarding your application. Before you do this, make sure that nothing on the job application indicates that you shouldn't message the hiring manager directly. You should also find out if there is a deadline for the application process; most applications have a start date and a closing date.

Subject: Re: D&M Financial internship opportunity

Greetings, Dom Alpha

I'm hoping all is okay with you. I submitted my application for ABC Financial's internship on July 30. I am contacting you to show my interest in the position and to inquire about the application and interview process.

You are seeking a self-starting college graduate who is eager to pick up new skills and learn on the job, as stated in the job description. After graduating lately, I'm searching for a summer internship to gain much-needed experience. I've improved my persuasive sales techniques, presenting leadership abilities, and public speaking during the past four years.

With these abilities, I'm an excellent candidate for the internship position as a summer financial associate. Attached, you'll find my cover letter and resume, as well as a few references.

Thank you for the time you've taken to review my application.

Best wishes,

Regina Coker

What aspects of this email work well?

This email is concentrated on the particular application that the sender distributed on July 30. However, it goes beyond that, as it highlights his skills and qualities, which can make an employer reconsider offering them the internship. It's written in a more formal style, which would be appropriate for an email correspondence with a banking institution or other conventional corporation.

How to write an eye-catching subject line 

Standing out from the other emails in a hiring manager's inbox can be achieved by focusing on the following key points: 

  • Mention the position you're applying for; 
  • If at all possible, include the name of the person who referred you to the position; keep the subject line succinct and direct. 
  • If you're interested in learning how to write the ideal subject line, take a look at the email examples above. 

You'll notice that they're all concise and give the recipient enough information to compel them to click through.


Email message to hiring managers: Sales position

Subject: Regarding the Sales Role at Imani Stitches 

Greetings, Felix

I'm hoping all is okay with you. I intended to introduce myself to you via direct chat, however I recently applied for the Northeast sales manager position at Imani Stitches

I'm thrilled about the job; in the last few years of my sales associate career, I've done exceptionally well and won multiple awards. Even over the last three years' global economic downturn, I have consistently had the greatest monthly sales and have even broken records.

Please have a look at my cover letter and résumé to find out more about my qualifications, experience, and personality. I would also love to set up a time to interview for the position.


Hosea Sun

What about this email is effective?

It gets right to the point, expressing the sender's belief that they are the most qualified applicant for the job and supporting that belief with particulars from their employment experience. First emails are meant to give the receiver a "taste" of what the candidate can bring to the company, and this one gives a hiring manager just enough details to make them want to look into the candidate more.

Email to hiring manager: Tech Position

Subject line: Tech position Application process at Devo

Dear Sally Firestone, 

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to get in touch with you directly because I am excited about the systems analyst position at Devo Technology. Although I applied through your website, I wanted to introduce myself in person.

 I have over eight years of experience working in the tech industry, and I've always been interested in coding and program setup. I have the ability to create and maintain intranets and other company-wide systems, so I'm a perfect fit for the position, as I can fill many roles within the IT industry, including cyber security. 

My resume and cover letter are attached which I believe will highlight my skills and abilities. Once you've read over that, I would love to set up a time to interview for this position, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.


Diamond Choper

What is good about this email?

This email's author makes a bold move to demonstrate their entire skill set in such a short amount of time. The author sums up his interest in the organization and his breadth of IT experience in just three paragraphs.

Pointers for Your First Email to a Hiring Manager

1. Discover the name and contact details of the hiring manager.

Getting the name and contact details of the recruiting manager are the most crucial thing you can do. A generic email salutation such as "dear hiring manager" should be avoided as it may give the impression that you haven't given the position enough thought. Instead, you can customize the email by locating the recruiting manager's name and contact details.

Following the discovery of the recruiting manager's name, you ought to be able to get more contact details using the company website, social media accounts, or LinkedIn profile search.

2. Make sure it's succinct but direct.

When drafting the email, make it succinct, concise and direct. Pay attention to your qualifications and why you think you'd be a fantastic fit for the job. Recall that the main objective of the email is to schedule an interview time, so try not to stray from issues that are pertinent to the position or the email itself.

3. Add a request for action.

The email's call to action is a precise request that the recipient must comply with. The most important thing to do after sending a first email to a recruiting manager is to schedule an interview.

4. Put your name and the job you're looking for in the attachment.

Your name and the post you're applying for should also be included, either in the email's body or as an email signature at the bottom. Include the position you applied for to help an HR associate remember it as they can be filling multiple roles in the organization at once.

5. Verify any spelling or grammar errors.

Making sure there are no spelling or grammar errors in your email is the final step before hitting the send button. Even if your email is excellent, a single misspelling can turn off a recruiting manager.

Install a spell and grammar checker on your computer to ensure that everything you've written is grammatically correct.


Effective communication at every stage of the job search process is key to making the most of your career potential. That is, if you are engaged with an employer in the first place.

An initial message to a hiring manager can unlock that possibility, but it can equally slam the door if you get it wrong. In summary, remember the following when writing your hiring manager message:

  • Realize that hiring managers want to hear from great candidates
  • Create a brief, relevant and compelling call-to-action in two paragraphs
  • Don’t ask too many questions or demand any of their time
  • Don’t assume that they will be interested in your candidature
  • Never (ever) write a follow up message if they don’t reply (they likely won’t)
  • Have a glance at our cover letter examples and our free cover letter templates for more inspiration, so you can make your own cover letter!